Unified Login

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As a Kaseya customer, you may be subscribed to more than one of our IT Complete modules. Rather than keep track of different sets of login credentials for each module, why not use Kaseya's Unified Login feature to access your modules?

What is Unified Login?

Kaseya Unified Login is the process of logging in once to KaseyaOne to automatically gain access to all the Kaseya IT Complete modules that you are subscribed to. One logged in to KaseyaOne, you can seamlessly navigate to any other IT Complete module, access the unified support, Kaseya Community, Kaseya University, Cooper Intelligence Engine, and so much more besides.

Users are prompted to enter a 2FA token when accessing their KaseyaOne account.

Benefits of Unified Login

The benefits of using Kaseya Unified Login include the following:

  • Users need only remember one username and password.

  • The process is streamlined and there is no need to re-enter passwords.

  • It enables users to access their Kaseya IT Complete modules much faster, saving valuable time.

  • It reduces management costs since you are likely to see fewer calls about forgotten passwords.

  • It improves security — it mitigates multiple and unauthorized user accounts; it restricts access using IP Access Control.

Key features of Unified Login

In the latest release of Unified Login, note the following key features:

  • Push multi-factor authentication (MFA) is available for Unified Login. After you set up push MFA for your KaseyaOne account, it will be the default method used to verify your identity when accessing your KaseyaOne account. Two-factor authentication (2FA) will continue to be available as usual. Refer to Process to set up push multi-factor authentication.

  • All module instances are automatically added to KaseyaOne, appearing on the Admin Settings > Module URLs page, the My Modules widget and App Launcher in KaseyaOne, after you configure Unified Login for the module instance.

  • You no longer need to manually link your module instance with KaseyaOne. As a result, the Add Module button on the Admin Settings > Module URLs page has been removed from the application. Refer to Manage KaseyaOne modules.

  • You can enable Unified Login for multiple instances of the same module and they will automatically appear on the Admin Settings > Module URLs page.

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