Integrate modules with KaseyaOne

SECURITY  Master role

Configuring IT Complete modules for KaseyaOne centralized user management involves enabling Unified Login and its related features. For example, managing just-in-time user provisioning for a module and controlling access to a module via role-based access control is dependent upon configuring the following Unified Login features for each module from within the individual module:

Note that some of these features may not be available in your module yet — please refer to your module documentation and module release notes for more information and see also the following image, which tracks the following:

  • Which KaseyaOne feature is currently supported in which IT Complete module.

  • Which Datto module is integrated with KaseyaOne directly so you can launch it from KaseyaOne and single sign-on (SSO) to the module.

  • Which Datto module is currently accessed via Datto Partner Portal SSO.