Getting started with Kaseya Store

NAVIGATION  Left navigation menu in KaseyaOne > Kaseya Store

SECURITY  Master or Billing role

Kaseya Store is your one stop shop for everything Kaseya where you can shop for IT Complete modules for your organization, view and pay invoices, manage or monitor subscriptions and billing information, and so much more besides. Kaseya Store features a wide range of products and services – refer to What Kaseya products and services can I purchase in Kaseya Store? for a complete list.

Access Kaseya Store

From KaseyaOne using Unified Login (Log In with KaseyaOne) credentials, you can easily access Kaseya Store by clicking Kaseya Store on the left navigation menu. The Kaseya Store Home page opens in a new tab.

Users with a Master or Billing role can also access Kaseya Store from KaseyaOne by clicking any of the following links on the left navigation menu:

  • View and Pay Invoices. Click to go to the Invoices page in Kaseya Store where you can view and settle invoices and review your open/paid in full invoices.

  • Payment Methods. Click to go to the Payment Methods page in Kaseya Store where you can manage your credit card information and update the payment method.

Navigate Kaseya Store

The options available on the persistent top navigation menu in Kaseya Store are:

  • Home. The Kaseya Store Home page summarizes all of your organization's orders, billing, and active subscriptions information and status.

  • Store. Go to this page to search for and review module subscriptions and to shop for modules and place orders.

  • My Account. Go to this page to manage your purchases, invoices, and Kaseya Store settings.