Manage KaseyaOne modules

NAVIGATION  Left navigation menu > Admin Settings > Module URLs tab

SECURITY  Master role

The Admin Settings > Module URLs page lists all the Kaseya IT Complete module instances where Unified Login has been configured. It shows the name of the module instance and the login URL where users will log into the module. You can change the module name and the module URL which is useful if you prefer a different landing page.

NOTE  After you configure Unified Login for a module, the module instance is automatically added to KaseyaOne and appears on the Admin Settings > Module URLs page, the My Modules widget and App Launcher in KaseyaOne. Since it is no longer necessary to manually link your module instance with KaseyaOne, the Add Module button has been removed from the Admin Settings > Module URLs page. If you have an on-premise module instance, such as VSA, you must update to the latest module version to take advantage of Unified Login v2 since Unified Login v1 is no longer supported.

For information on how to control access to modules, manage just-in-time provisioning for modules, and set up role-based access control for modules, refer to Integrate IT Complete modules with KaseyaOne.

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