Configure your profile

NAVIGATION  Top navigation menu > My Account > My Settings

SECURITY  All roles

Click My Account on the top navigation menu and then click My Settings to open the My Settings page where there are three tabs: Profile, Module URLs, and Security.

Profile tab

On the My Account > My Settings > Profile tab, complete or edit the First Name, Last Name, Email, and Time Zone fields associated with your KaseyaOne user account as required. Keep in mind the following:

  • If you change your email address, the Email field will not be updated until you click on the confirmation link sent to the new email address.

  • You will find your Company Login URL under the Time Zone field.

Module URLs tab

On the My Account > My Settings > Module URLs tab, a list of the Kaseya IT Complete modules to which you are subscribed will appear as well as the login URLs where you would log into each module. Administrators (Master user) are responsible for configuring these modules but you can change the URLs which is useful if you prefer a different landing page.

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Security tab

On the My Account > My Settings > Security tab, you can reset the two-factor authentication settings for your account, enable push MFA for your KaseyaOne account, and add devices for push MFA authentication.

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