Log In with KaseyaOne

You can use Log In with KaseyaOne to access any module that is part of the Kaseya IT Complete portfolio from the KaseyaOne portal or the module portal, provided the following conditions are true:

  1. Unified Login (Log In with KaseyaOne) has been configured for the module.

    The Log In with KaseyaOne option will only be available after a module administrator (with Master user role) enables the global the Enable Log In with KaseyaOne setting for the module.

  2. You are subscribed to and have a module account.

Using Log In with KaseyaOne is optional. Product-specific credentials will continue to work but if you log in using your module-specific credentials, you will not be able to access all Unified Login features and will see the KaseyaOne icon () instead of the App Launcher on the top navigation menu. Click this icon at any time to log in to KaseyaOne.

Before you begin

  • Enable pop-ups for your browser — refer to System requirements.

  • Make sure you have successfully completed the set up of your KaseyaOne user account — refer to Set up your KaseyaOne user account.

  • Make sure that a module user account has been completely set up for you. You must click the activation link in the module's invitation email and create a password for the account. If you attempt to log in using Log In with KaseyaOne before your module user account is completely set up, you will receive an Invalid Username/Password error.

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