Manage KaseyaOne groups

NAVIGATION  Left navigation menu > Admin Settings > Groups tab

SECURITY  Master role

A group is a container of objects, such as users or computers, that a system uses to control access or permissions. In the case of KaseyaOne, groups are used to control user access to modules connected to a KaseyaOne account. When users log into KaseyaOne, they will only see modules that belong to the groups that they are a member of in their:

  • My Modules widget on the KaseyaOne home page.

  • App Launcher list. The Discover More section will continue to list all the available IT Complete modules that the user does not have an account for and/or access to.

There are two types of KaseyaOne groups: system groups (built-in, special purpose groups that you cannot change) and custom groups (groups that you create yourself).

System groups

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