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Engage with highly trained professionals through Kaseya’s RITSM-Certified Professionals Connector. Get access to individuals with experience and expertise in remote IT and security management to help better utilize Kaseya’s products, assist with special projects, or join your team.

Enroll in and complete Kaseya's RITSM certification course to improve your skills and deliver better results for your customers.

What is RITSM?

RITSM is Kaseya’s Remote IT and Security Management global certification course designed to familiarize professionals with the world of IT and Security. By leveraging Kaseya’s IT Complete platform and modules, this course covers the basics of IT, exemplary customer service, and critical MSP functions like BCDR, IT Documentation, and Security.

All RITSM graduates complete real-life simulations inside IT Complete sandbox environments. Once they demonstrate their proficiency, we are able to certify them in everything from VSA to Autotask. These certificate holders are trained and ready to hit the ground running at any Kaseya MSP or internal IT customer!

The RITSM certification course is available to the general public and our customers. Customers can access a free 12-hour RITSM Foundations course by default from their existing Kaseya University account, auto-provisioned and accessed through KaseyaOne. Advanced RITSM courses are also available to purchase - contact your account manager for further information.

What is the RITSM-Certified Professionals Connector?

The purpose of the RITSM-Certified Professionals Connector is to help you, our customers, find certified job seekers from the general public. If you want to engage IT Complete-certified professionals (remote or local, intern or full time) or grow your team by adding IT Complete-certified professionals to your organization, then let us know by completing the following procedure!

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