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Navigate to Kaseya Community on the left navigation menu to take advantage of the expertise of other users and participate in the Kaseya Community!

Log in to Kaseya Community from login page

You can also log in to Kaseya Community from the Kaseya Community login page as follows: 

  1. Go to the Kaseya Community login page: https://community.kaseya.com/.

  2. Click KaseyaOne.

  3. If you're already logged into KaseyaOne, the Kaseya Community portal will open straight away and you can proceed to step 6.

  4. If you're not already logged into KaseyaOne, the KaseyaOne log in page opens prompting you to enter your credentials:

    • Enter the KaseyaOne Username (not your Community account user name) and Company Name for your KaseyaOne account and then click Next.

      NOTE  Your Kaseya Community account and KaseyaOne account must use the same email address for existing Kaseya Community accounts to sync with your KaseyaOne login credentials.

    • Enter your two-factor authentication (2FA) token when prompted and click Verify.

  5. Upon successful verification, you will be redirected to the Kaseya Community portal. If you have an existing Kaseya Community account, go to step 7 otherwise proceed to step 6.

  6. Set up your Kaseya Community profile (if you have not already done so):

    1. Click the Profile icon on the top navigation menu and then click Edit Profile.

    2. Enter a username, enter biographical information, job title, and so on.

      NOTE   If your preferred username already exists in the community, then select an alternative username. Your Kaseya Community username will appear throughout the community whenever you post and cannot be changed without contacting the Kaseya Community Team.

    3. Click Save when done.

  7. You can now browse the Kaseya Community, subscribe to subcommunities, post questions and comments, and much more.