Getting started with Kaseya 365

SECURITY  Master or Billing role

Welcome to Kaseya 365! If you are coming to us from your Welcome Email, or have just purchased Kaseya 365, this article will help you get up and running with each Kaseya 365 component.

NOTE  If you would simply like to learn more about Kaseya 365, refer to Kaseya 365 Overview and Kaseya 365 FAQs.

IMPORTANT  If you need to add licenses to your subscription, this is done on the Kaseya 365 Subscription tab on the KaseyaOne Subscriptions page. Do not add licenses through your product portals.

Understanding your Welcome Emails

When you purchase Kaseya 365, you receive the following emails:

  • Kaseya 365 Welcome Email. This email walks you though the steps to take to get started, provides an overview video, and links to this article.

    Sender is:
    Subject is: Welcome to Kaseya 365

  • Welcome to RocketCyber Email (if you purchased the Kaseya 365 Pro subscription). This email provides a link to create your RocketCyber account and access the module URL for your instance.

    Sender is:
    Subject is: Welcome to RocketCyber

NOTE  If you don't receive one of these welcome emails, check your spam folder. If you still don't see it, contact your Account Manager for assistance.

Learning about your new modules

Component Module Overview video Documentation
RMM Datto RMM Datto RMM Datto RMM
VSA 10 VSA 10 VSA 10

Advanced Software Management/Third-Party Patching Datto RMM or VSA 10

RMM Advanced Software Management

VSA Third-Party Patching

(minutes 4:21-14:19 and 10:14 to 11:24)

Datto RMM Advanced Software Management

VSA 10 Third-Party Patching

VSA 9 Third-Party Patching

Endpoint Detection and Response Datto EDR Datto EDR, AV, Ransomware Detection Datto EDR
Anti-Virus Datto AV Datto AV
Ransomware Detection EDR Ransomware Detection Ransomware Detection
Manage Detection and Response RocketCyber RocketCyber RocketCyber
Endpoint Backup Datto/Unitrends Endpoint Backup Endpoint Backup Endpoint Backup

Accessing your new modules

Your Kaseya 365 subscription gives you access to a group of modules that power your Kaseya 365 components. When you access your new modules for the first time as the first administrator user, you will have access to self-paced onboarding that will help get you up-and-running quickly.

IMPORTANT  For modules you are already using, continue to access and use them as you always have. If you don’t have a user account in your company’s Datto Partner Portal or any module instance, your Admin will need to create one for you before you can log in.

To access RocketCyber (Kaseya 365 Pro only)

  • Click Complete your Trial Activation in your RocketCyber welcome email and follow the instructions for creating your account.

To access Datto EDR/AV, Endpoint Backup, and Datto RMM

  • Click the Log in to Access link next to the module name in your Kaseya 365 Welcome Email ; OR

  • Go directly to your Datto Partner Portal (

See the next section Accessing modules the first time through Datto Partner Portal.

Accessing modules the first time through Datto Partner Portal

The first time you log in to your Kaseya 365 modules, with the exception of RocketCyber and VSA 10, you will log in through Datto Partner Portal.

IMPORTANT  After your initial log in, we recommend integrating your modules with KaseyaOne to use KaseyaOne Unified Login. After you do this, all your user management, module access, Kaseya University enrollment, usage analysis, and reporting can be done across your stack through KaseyaOne. Refer to Integrate modules with KaseyaOne for details.

For your first log in:

  1. Go to or click the log in link in your Welcome Email. The login page opens:

  2. Log in using your Partner Portal credentials.

  3. If you have one or no modules currently, you will see the Admin page when you log in:

    Admin page

    If you have more than one module currently, you will see the Account Selection page:

    Account Selection page

    Follow the instructions that follow for the page that you see when you log in.

Onboarding to your new modules

Self-guided onboarding is available for your Kaseya 365 modules when the first administrator logs in. The onboarding will walk the first administrator through each part of the application that needs to be configured for your company to start using the product right away.

Welcome shoutout

A welcome shoutout will appear the first time you log in. Note that if another message appears, you will need to refresh the page to see your welcome shoutout:

Anytime onboarding access

You can also access your onboarding anytime from the Tasks tab of your onboarding menu. The Tasks tab is available through the help icon OR the graduation cap icon, depending on the module:

After you finish (100% complete) all your onboarding tours, the Tasks tab disappears after 90 days. To replay the self-guided onboarding, go to the Show me tab of your onboarding menu:

Courses in Kaseya University

Your Kaseya 365 subscription comes with access to courses in Kaseya University (KU) to help you learn more about Kaseya 365 and your new modules. This is available to every user (with a Kaseya 365 subscription) accessing KU from KaseyaOne.

Kaseya 365 courses available in KU:

  • Kaseya 365. Kaseya Certified Technician in Kaseya 365 (available to all customers by default)

  • RMM. Kaseya Certified Technician in Datto RMM

  • VSA 10 Kaseya Certified Technician in VSA 10

  • More coming soon!